Knights Permanent Candles® are made from aluminium. You can choose the height and colour to suit the occasion.

Place a single candle on a plate. A few pebbles around the base of a Knights candle creates an instant centrepiece. Fill Knights candle with high quality lamp oil.

Fill Knights candle with citronella oil, place in a jar, light the wick and use outdoors. Citronella keeps the mozzies away. The height of the jar prevents the wind blowing the flame out.

3 Knights candles of various heights standing close together. Wow! place marbles, pebbles or flowers around the base. Instant decor. Don't forget to fill...

Price List

In terms of pricing, essentially all our prices are wholesale. The way our pricing works is that the larger the quantity , then the larger the discount you get.

Our customer service team is happy to talk to you about volume discounts. Very large orders can qualify for even bigger savings.

Our pricing excludes 10% GST and shipping.

On large orders a 50% deposit required

At this point in time, Knights Permanent Candles® uses Australia Post for order delivery.  Once you have placed an order and payment has been received, your order will be packed and shipped immediately if stock is available.  Your order...

Pillar candles

Permanent candles are clean and mess free with no melted wax to ruin their surroundings.

Knights candles are an original design concept, have a distinctive appearance and are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

The ability to print a message on Knights Permanent Candles®.

High quality smokeless lamp oils can be used, adding to the ambience both indoors and outdoors.

Stylish and everlasting, Knights Permanent Candles® are an ideal gift and a unique form of promotion.