Knights Permanent Candles® are made from aluminium. You can choose the height and colour to suit the occasion.

Place a single candle on a plate. A few pebbles around the base of a Knights candle creates an instant centrepiece. Fill Knights candle with high quality lamp oil.

Fill Knights candle with citronella oil, place in a jar, light the wick and use outdoors. Citronella keeps the mozzies away. The height of the jar prevents the wind blowing the flame out.

3 Knights candles of various heights standing close together. Wow! place marbles, pebbles or flowers around the base. Instant decor. Don't forget to fill the candle with high quality lamp oil.

A flower holder. This is a 3 prong plastic floral piece which fits onto the base of a tapered Knights Candle. Place the prongs into the oasis of a flower arrangement. Ensure the candles are taller than the flowers. Fill with lamp oil, light and enjoy.

As Knights Permanent Candles® don't melt, the flowers will not catch alight. The Knights Candle flame will burn throughout the function.

Please use the same Knights Candles again at your next function. Just top up with high quality lamp oil.

Knights Permanent Candles® can stand alone.

Lamp oil should always be of the highest quality, smokeless and odourless. Add a scent to the oil.

Citronella oil may be used when using Knights candles outdoors.