Slim Candles

Knights Permanent Candles high quality aluminium SLIM range are an elegant feature on the dining table.

Decorate your table with candles that don't melt and ruin the table cloth or candle sticks.

No cleaning up after the dinner party.

High quality scented  oils can be used, adding to the ambience.


- suitable to stand in your own candle stick holders

- base is separate

- personal engraving on base (optional extra)

- variety of colours available and on request

- never change shape and always look new

- can burn for as long as 10 hours depending on quantity and quality of oil

- high quality smokeless odourless lamp oil


Pair of candles gift boxed with sample oil $118
Individual candle on base $54
Litre oil $20

 * All prices in AUD and exclude 10% GST and postage