JUMBO Candles

70mm diameter. The height starting from15cm to as high as 50cm. Create your own unique centrepiece.

All colours available in every candle height and range.

Knights Permanent Candles® are everlasting and never change shape.

Made from high quality aluminium, Knights Permanent Candles® can be decorated to create a new look each time.

Knights Permanent Candles® are an original design concept and have a distinctive appearance.

Everlasting means they never burn down, never change shape, never change colour.

The fire proof fibre wick lasts a life time.

Good quality scented oils can be used, adding to the ambience both indoors and outdoors. Citronella oil may be used outdoors to keep the mozzies away.

Engrave or print a message on any of the Knights Permanent Candles® range. Create a unique promotional gift.

Being stylish and everlasting, Knights Permanent Candles® are an ideal gift which will always be remembered by the recipient, because its unique.

A Jumbo candle is suitable as a centrepiece on its own or together with a couple of varying heights.