Welcome to Knights Candles

Restaurant imageCandles create atmosphere and character within a room and intensify strong emotions around any occasion.

Constructed from high quality aluminium and filled with smokeless lamp oil, Knights Candles burn for days before refilling and never lose their shape. They produce an elegant clean flame without mess, minimising clean up and linen waste. "A wax free candle".

They are available in silver and gold, corporate colours or funky patterns that come to life in any setting. You can create a range that integrates with the look and feel of the event.

Permanent candles means never having to clean up wax

Candle light is the most flattering light for entertaining .Outdoors, candle flames look spectacular against the night sky or reflected in windows, pools and water features. Using citronella oil outdoors will keep mozzies away from tables and guests.

Our candles have unique marketing capabilities. These candles can be personalised with the venue, business name or logo. So wherever the candles are seen and enjoyed, so is the setting or ceremony captured and remembered.

High quality smokeless oil provides a clean flame.

Knights Permanent Candles® is an Australian owned company that offers the most unique and high quality candles you will find.

All our candles are made using high quality aluminimum and a unique fibre wick.

 Fire proof fibre wick never burns away.

These candles set the mood to any occasion, making an enjoyable atmosphere to be captured and remembered.

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Knights Permanent Candles® will make every effort to send your candles in the most cost effective way, Allow 6 - 8 weeks delivery.

Pricing excludes 10% GST and shipping.

Please contact us should you require further information or wish to place an order.